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Evaluation Services

Comprehensive, strength-based, psychological evaluation for kids (13 and up) and adults to help you find that missing puzzle piece

The evaluations I offer will help you answer specific questions you may have about yourself or your child, including lingering questions you may have had for years. We will not leave any puzzle piece of your life unturned so you can be confident that we have considered all possible explanations. I can help you clarify a diagnosis and I will provide personalized recommendations for treatment and possible accommodations. You will leave the feedback session with not only a greater understanding of yourself or your child but with a plan for how to achieve your goals. 

Click the images below for more detail about the types of evaluation services I provide.

Image by Ross Sneddon

  • 2-hour interview to gather important background information and determine which evaluations will be most helpful

  • 2-6 hours of face-to-face testing

  • Up to 2-hour feedback session to discuss results and personalized recommendations with time devoted to answering any of your questions 

I will provide you with a written report at the time of your feedback session so you can reference the results and/or recommendations in the future as well as share the report with whomever you determine will be most helpful. 


Telehealth appointments are available for the interview and feedback sessions. Meet with me over video from the comfort of your home and save a trip to the office! 

What To Expect

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